Welcome to Saanichton Farm.

Your source for local grains, quality feeds, and custom agricultural services for over 100 years.

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Local Grains

Saanichton Farm produces a variety of local grains and grain products, including Wheat, Whole-Wheat Flour, Malting Barley, and grains for Animal Feed. Our products are available for purchase directly from the farm, or at several local retailers throughout Greater Victoria.

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Haylage and Straw

At Saanichton Farm, we grow top-quality local haylage for horses, cattle, and other livestock. Haylage is available in wrapped round bales. We also produce high-quality, clean straw for bedding or mulch. Delivery is available for larger orders.

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Custom Services

Saanichton Farm provides a large range of Custom Agricultural Services, including Custom Haylage Production, Combining, Tillage, and more.

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